Top 8 advantages of vacuum cleaner : vacuum cleaner guide

Many of us are confused, why such expensive vacuum cleaners and which one should we buy! To sort out that confusion, We have listed out Top 9 best vacuum cleaners in India. This article will surely help to choose the right vacuum cleaner according to your budget and needs. Now, let’s read why such expensive vacuum cleaners and what to consider while shopping for a vacuum cleaner!

In this article we will discuss small vacuum cleaner guide which have points such as what are the advantages of vacuum cleaners, What factors to be consider while shopping vacuum cleaner, which room should you clean first using vacuum cleaner etc.

What are Advantages of vacuum cleaner

Following are the advantages of vacuum cleaners-

1. Removes allergies from breathing air                               

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA or other types of filters, which removes disease causing germs and bacteria present in your home.

2. Removes pet hair                           

Vacuum cleaners are very effective for pet hairs, with such high suction pressure they removes small hairs from any Fabric or matts.

3. Easy to use                                     

Vacuum cleaners are very easy and human friendly equipment’s. To operate vacuum we just need to put plug into the electricity socket and move it on floor. Although vacuum cleaners are always comes with handbook/guides, which will give you detailed information of features.  

4. Saves energy and time               

Manual cleaning using broom takes hours to clean whereas using vacuum cleaner you can achieve this purpose within shortest possible time, they are fast and easy to use. Additionally vacuum cleaners need very less efforts and energy as compare to manual cleaning

5. Comes with advanced Features   

Nowadays, vacuum cleaner comes with advanced features such as we can transform stick vacuum cleaners to handheld vacuums , as well as some vacuum comes with convenient docking station which stores and holds additional attachments with smart charging. Furthermore almost all good vacuum cleaners comes with automatic surface revealing sensors which helps to work efficiently.

6. Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean your home when you are away              

Robotic vacuum cleaners are quite expensive than other vacuums, but they are equipped with some advanced features which allows them to work robotically. Especially, when you are away from home.

What factors to be considered while shopping vacuum cleaners

Modern vacuum cleaners comes with variety of styles, designs and cool colors. But, how well they clean! that’s what matter the most. Variety of vacuum may  have features that appeal to you, but it should also fit your cleaning needs.

1. Features                                        

A vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush cleans carpets better than one powered only by suction. A switch that can deactivate the brush will help protect the finish of bare floors and avoid scattering debris. Consider models with a manual carpet pile-height adjustment control, along with suction control for cleaning draperies and other delicate fabrics

2. Production of Noise                   

No vacuum cleaner in our ratings is so loud that we recommend hearing protection, but any vacuum will seem louder in a room with a lot of echo, such as a tiled bathroom. Canister vacuums tend to be quieter

3. Bagged or Bag less                   

Bag less vacuum cleaners save on the cost of purchasing bags, but they also require more filters that need periodic cleaning or for HEPA filters replacing. The dust and mess of emptying the bin of a bagless model can be problematic if you have asthma or allergies. Generally Bagged vacuum last longer than bag less vacuums.

4. After sales service of Brand        

While purchasing anything many of us are already worried about after sale maintenance, as we know every machine required some periodic maintenance or repair. Thus choosing right brand with right reputation is very important factor while shopping vacuum cleaner. 

5. Weight and Power consumption of cleaner                           

Nowadays, variety of designs and styles are available in market. Some of them are quite heavy in weight and some of them required heavy power  because of there additional features and high efficiency. So it is very important to choose vacuum that we can handle.  Thus, while purchasing cleaner for your home just go through its weight and power consumption

6. Watch for sales                            

10-20% discounts are normally available on shopping sites such as amazon/flipkart especially during month end sales. Whereas, with some bargaining efforts you will easily get 20-25% discounts in brand authorized stores. Always use tools such as price tracker to track lowest possible online price and make sure to grab it at lowest possible price.  

How much should you spend on vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner comes at different prices, some at lower prices and some at higher prices. Nowadays you can get cheaper cleaners under 100$ and expensive ones are above 300$. By seeing variety of prices, everyone will get a question like should we buy low cost machine or go for high cost machine?

Most of experts recommends spending minimum 150$ on your new vacuum, as such type of cleaners  improves your air quality and ease lots of your work. If you are willing to pay for high end ones then, 400-550$ is reasonable price for top notch vacuum cleaners and they this last long without much maintenance. 

As you can see there are lots of factors to look into while purchasing vacuum cleaner, but you need to spend at least 150$ for good vacuum. Do not go for cheap vacuum specially for those under 50$, as it will break soon and you will back where you have started.

How long does a vacuum cleaner last

As we already discussed variety of vacuums are available in market. Generally their lifespan varies between 5  to 8 years, although some will last longer than that and some will not! So lets take a look at average lifespan on different types of vacuum cleaners to find best one for you.

1. Canister Vacuum                         

Canister vacuum have lifespan of 7 to 8 years. These vacuum cleaners are coded vacuum cleaners so,  with little misuse they might break early.

2. Upright Vacuum                            

Upright vacuum cleaners are known as bulky vacuum cleaners, they are not easy to carry. But they are built to last longer than  any other vacuums. You may expect life of eight years or beyond from Upright vacuum cleaners.

3. Handheld vacuum                     

Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight as wall as easy to use all around the house and car. Such types of vacuums runs on the batteries thus, their battery life is not that great as compare to others. Although they may last around 2 to 3 years. 

4. Stick Vacuum                                

Stick vacuums are lightweight and they are easy to carry all around home. Dyson is one of the best brand for stick vacuum cleaners. We may expect life of 5 to 8 years from Stick vacuum cleaners.

5. Robotic Vacuum                             

Robotic vacuums are one of the latest inventions in the history of vacuum cleaners.  They operate on their own when you are away from home, that’s why the prices of such vacuums are higher than others. The robotic vacuum runs on Li-ion batteries thus, the vacuum will last as long as batteries do. But still, robotic vacuums may last for four to five years. 

What precautions we should follow to make it last longer -

1. Don’t let the bag filled up to the top, which may clog the machine.   

2. Clean or replace filter whenever Dirty.                                                     

3. Every few weeks check and clean the motorized brush it may have tangled hair, fibers, and strings which can stress out the motor.                   

4. Check the hose for clogs occasionally.


Is it worth repairing vacuum cleaner

According to reports vacuum cleaners aren’t worth repair after four to five years of their life. But some repairs makes sense even in old vacuums, until repair cost is not more than half of its cost. i.e. It will cost  you 10 to 70$ for  repairs like Damaged or clogged brush, belt or filters

Why would vacuum stop working

Their are some problems in vacuum cleaner which may cause stopping of vacuum they are very common and easy  to fix.                                                                                                                  1. An activated thermal cut out due to blockage can cause Problem. Check blockages and clogs in hose to remove obstructions.                                                                                                      2. In Bagged vacuums full bag can prevent vacuum from being turned on.                                      3. Most vacuum cleaner comes with high temperature protection sensors, that may shut off motor to prevent overheating of a system.      

How do I know if my vacuum motor is bad

There are some signals, by noticing them you will get know your vacuum is not functioning, they are as follows:                                                                                                                                    1. Strange noises coming from vacuum                                                                                            2. Loss of suction.                                                                                                                              3. Burning vacuum smell.                          

How often does average person vacuum

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Is it safe to buy used vacuum cleaners

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Do vacuum cleaners needs frequent servicing

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