How To Choose The Right Bed Size

Choosing the right size bed can be more complicated than you think. Will it be suitable for my family? Will it fit in my bedroom? and many more questions will arise. But, don’t worry, to help you make the correct decision, we’ve put together a summary of the most common bed sizes which you will find in stores, so you can choose a perfect bed for your bedroom.

Bed Size Dimension Chart

SizesDimension (In)Dimension (cm)
California King72 in x 84 in 182.88 cm x 213.36 cm
King 76 in x 80 in 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm
Queen 60 in x 80 in 152.4 cm x 203.2 cm
Full/Double 54 in x 75 in 137.16 cm x 190.5 cm
Twin XL 38 in x 80 in 99.06 cm x 203.2 cm
Twin 38 in x 75 in 99.06 cm x 190.5 cm
Toddler 27 in x 52 in 68.58 cm x 132.08 cm
Bed Size Guide

Factors to consider

Room Size :

Before you purchase a bed, you’ll need to measure the space available in your room. Some beds may be too large, small, or maybe too wide or narrow.
Below we have discussed what room size is suitable for different types of beds that are available in the market.

Bed Size :

In the market you’ll find beds of different sizes as mentioned above (in the chart). Choose the bed size which is suitable for your room (check in the ”bed types” section below).

No of Occupants :

In the ”Bed Types” section below we have described how many occupants can different types of beds can occupy. Please have a look at that section.

Take height into consideration :

The height of thebed is also an important factor that plays a crucial role in storage & comfort. 
Taller beds are more comfortable for taller people. Also, taller beds will have more space for storage, while short bed makes your room more spacious.
Bed Size Guide

Bed Types

  King Size Bed : 


Size (Inches) : 76 x 80
Suitable for: Couples who sleep with their kids or pets and want more space for themselves.
Optimum room size: As King size beds are bigger in size, your bedroom should be around 12 feet long & 10 feet wide.

California King Size Bed : 



If you’re looking for a bigger size bedCalifornia King size bed is a perfect bed for you, making it a more comfortable bed for taller people. California King will be 72 x 84 (Inches) in size and will require a minimum bedroom size of 12 feet square. 


Queen Size Bed :


Size (Inches) : 60 x 80
Suitable for: Couples that do not need a lot of sleeping space. Also for a single person queen bed has more than enough space.
Optimum room size: For a queen size bed, your bedroom size shouldn’t be less than 10 feet square.

Olympic Queen Size Bed :


You can also check Olympic Queen size beds. These beds are slightly wider than queen size beds and measure 66 x 80 (inches). A perfect bed for taller people and for those who don’t want a king-size bed.

Full/Double Bed :



Size (Inches) : 54 x 75
Suitable for: A single person, teenager, or guest.
Optimum room size: The minimum recommended bedroom size for a full/double bed is 9 feet x 10 feet

Twin Bed :


Size (Inches) : 38 x 75
Suitable for: A young child, a growing adult living in a smaller apartment.
Optimum room size: Any room that measures at least 8 feet x 10 feet will be suitable for a twin beds.

Twin XL Bed :


Twin XL beds have the same width as that of Twin beds but are lengthier than twin beds measuring 38 x 80 (inches), again for taller people.

Bed Size Guide

Bed Size FAQs

What are the different types of king size beds?

There are two types of king size beds. One is the regular king size bed of size 76 x 80 (inches) and other California king of size 72 x 84 (inches).

Is a king size bed big enough for two?

Yes, actually it will be more than enough. It can easily occupy a couple along with their kid or pet.

What is the biggest size bed you can get?

California King beds are the biggest beds you can get with the size of 72 x 84 (Inches).

what size bed is best for couples?

Queen size bed 60 x 80 (Inches) is a perfect bed for couples. If you have a kid or pet which will accompany you get an Olympic queen or king size bed.

Is a full size Bed same as double?

Yes, they both are the same size beds.

How much space should you have around your bed?

Minimum of 75 cm around each side of the bed and at the end of the bed. If you have a bigger room leave around 90 cm space to get a more elegant ad luxurious look.

Bed Size Guide

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