Best Bedsheet Material To Keep You Cool

During summer seasons temperature may pump up very high, due to which it becomes very difficult to sleep because of heat and sweat body releases. If you are still facing such issues, you might need to check your bedsheets. There are chances that you bedsheet is causing those problems. Best cooling sheets are those with good breathability, moisture-wicking properties, proper tightness and thread count.

Best cooling bedsheets

What Makes Your Bedsheets Cooler

      1. Breathability

  • Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material.
  • Higher the breathability cooler the material will be.

       2. Thread Count 

  • Thread count is a measure of how many threads are there in one-inch fabric.
  • Breathability of a material depends on the thread count of the fabric.
  • If you want the coolest bed sheet, look for a fabric with thread count between 250 & 300.
  • keep the fabric’s thread count below 500

       3. Weave

  • Weave of fabric is also an important factor as it determines how the fabric is stitched. Following are the few weave you should look at :
  • Sateen which is derived from cotton is quite cool but is heavy.
  • Satin which is made from silk is most preferable in summer because of its moisture-wicking property.
  • percale weave gives a matte finish to the fabric and feels crispy to touch. it is known for its lightweight & breathability
  • While jersey works double-time, warms you in winter and cools you in summer.

       4. Moisture Wicking

  • Fabrics with moisture-wicking ability easily absorbs the moisture from your body and keeps you cool.
  • Look for fabrics with good moisture-wicking properties to stay cool
Best cooling bedsheets
cooling bedsheet

Choosing The Material 

Satin Silk

Satin silk is the most common type of silk (natural fabric), which feels soft and gives a luxurious & sleek look. It is highly breathable and also hypoallergenic (for people suffering from allergies). Satin being a cool fabric, it is also a good insulator that will keep you warm in winters.


Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the bedding industry. It is by far the most popular fabric in the industry because of its softness, rich feel and good breathability. Generally, cotton sheets work double-duty to keep you warm and cool depending on the seasons. However cotton’s ability to cool your body depends on its tightness and thread count.


Linen is highly used in summer because of its higher conductivity, which makes it cool. However, linen gets softer the more it is washed. It wrinkles easily and hence requires ironing often. It’s highly absorbent nature allows linen to regulate temperatures very well and absorb moisture making it extremely breathable that keeps your body cool.


Bamboo sheets are getting widely popular nowadays because of its eco-friendly nature. Being a cool fabric bamboo sheets are also soft, more breathable than cotton and gives a luxurious look. Bamboo sheets are often mixed with other fibres and can be made to imitate other fabrics such as linen, wool, cotton & silk.


Tencel is a recyclable fabric regenerated from eucalyptus wood. It is mostly known for its breathability. Tencel fibers have been claimed to be more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk & cooler than linen. Its smooth fiber surface makes Tencel very soft to feel, just like silk. Tencel easily absorbs the moisture and releases its quickly, which makes it an excellent choice to keep your body cool.


Batiste is a plain weave fabric, that is strong, sheer, light in weight and smooth to the skin. It is a highly comfortable fabric with a very good breathability. Batiste is also combined with Tencel to make it a down-proof fabric, which gives it the attributes of Tencel also. If you are looking for a cool, soft, lightweight and strong bed sheet go for batiste sheets.


Microfibers are synthetic fibers and are popular because it is cheap. Micro-fibers are not that smooth and soft . you can tell the difference easily in the quality of this material and a good quality material like cotton, silk, etc. But if your budget is low, microfibers still can keep your body cool at the cost of quality and luxury.
Best cooling bedsheets

Bedsheet materials to Avoid in Summer

Following are the sheets that are specially made for winter seasons to keep your body warm. These bedsheets are thick, heavy, and have a higher thread count, which makes it perfect for winter conditions.

1. Fleece Sheets

2. Cotton Flannel

3. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

4. Bedsheets of Higher Thread Count

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