Things you can do for better lighting of bedroom- Bedroom lighting guide

bedroom lighting guide

Bedroom lighting guide is kind of thing which will help you to decorate and light a bedroom in a more  efficient way. Lighting of bedroom is kind of art and decorators are artists. Your bedroom is probably one where you spend lot of time in day and night than any other places in home. So, Decoration of your bedroom with lighting is quite essential to get attractive, shiny look and comfortable sleep also well planned lighting setup can balance artificial and natural light in your room space.

When it comes to lighting of your bedroom, there are plenty of ways and bedroom lighting ideas. We have made one complete bedroom lighting guide which will show you right way to decorate and light your bedroom. Our bedroom lighting guide and ideas will help you to chose bedroom lights among all the types of lights.

In this Bedroom lighting guide, First of all we have listed out types of lights which are good choice for the bedroom. Secondly we have added some factors which will definitely help you to choose right light for your bedroom. In addition we have added one guide on the color impacts of lights on bedroom, in other words it will get you to know colors that reflects the light.

what are the best lights for bedrooms

List of lighting’s that can be used in bedrooms –

Table Side lamps –

Side lamps sets are designed for vintage and elegant look, they are perfect decor for modern rooms.  Side lamps are known for their softer glow that is inviting and warm. However such types of lights are placed on tables or bedside for the modest look.

Sconces –

bedroom lighting guide

Sconces are mounted on walls which are close to bed or sitting arrangement, these types of lights can make sleeping and reading more enjoyable in night. These lights comes with 240 degree adjustable head, Therefore we can maintain lighting potentials  by adjusting its head. Sconces are made to give vintage and attractive look to home

Recessed lighting –

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting are usually mounted in a ceiling of room , Although they are suitable for bedrooms, dinning room , study room etc. Recessed lighting’s are comes with dimmers that gives you ability dim up and down light according requirement, In addition they gives your room modern look and installation just occupies 2 inch of ceiling space. 

Pendant lights –

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are hanging lights, most often seen in small bedrooms and kitchen. Pendant lights make your room look elegant and decent placement of such lights meets your higher needs. Some of these lights are comes with adjustable rope wire and it is compatible with sloped ceiling to allow various hanging position. 

Ceiling Fan Lighting –

Ceiling Fans

Generally when we hear word ceiling fan, first thing comes in our mind is fan which is meant to cool your room. Ceiling fans do double duty, such as regulating temperature and and providing overhead lighting. Such fans are integrated with LED technology and frosted glass, in addition they provide years of energy-efficient illumination without light bulb changes.

Portable Reading Lights –

bedroom lighting guide

Portable Reading Lights or Portable Tables Lights are generally used while reading as they are small in size and movable. In nights they will offer easy access to reading light than table side lamps. In other words portable lights are lightweight , retro in design which are ideal for bedroom decoration , bathroom decoration.

Standing Lamps

Standing Lamps

Standing lamps are good choice for bedrooms, usually one that focused downward are best to provide light. Standing lights are movable so we can rearrange them according to our furniture requirement, In addition they comes with intelligent remote control and adjust intensity of light according to our need

Rope Lighting

Rope Lighting

Rope lights Thick transparent round plastic tube, strong flexibility, heat-resistant, anti UV, energy-saving, durable and connectable lights however they are suitable for outside applications too. Rope lights are very much suitable to decorate mirrors, walls , Photo frames in addition properly placed rope lights can play a big role in creating right mood.

Ceiling Light

bedroom lighting guide

Ceiling Lights are simple modern styling to fit in any type of bedroom in house, however they are good for leaving room decoration too. Ceiling lights are dimmable and color changing in addition they offer easy installation on ceiling of rooms.

Selection of right and perfect bedroom light

Factors to be considered for selection of right bedroom lightings –

  • 1. Size and space
  • 2. Age and preference of person
  • 3. Ceiling height and shape
  • 4. Color of walls and furniture
  • 5. Intensity of Daylight
  • 6. Existing lights and setups
  • 7. Budget of occupant
  • 8. Budget of occupant
  • 9. Location of Lighting controls
  • 10. Psychology of user
  • 11. Eye geometry

Color impacts of lights on bedroom

What are the color paints that reflects light the best –

There are variety of colors exists in world but, only some of them are the best to reflect the light in whole room and suitable for low light areas, we have listed out some colors according good color-light combination which will best choice for your bedroom.

  • 1. Lavender
  • 2. Sunny Yellow
  • 3. Soft gray
  • 4. Powder Blue
  • 5. Ochre
  • 6. Pink
1. Lavender

Lavender color has wide range of shades and it suits every wall. It adds some brightness to darker rooms and it have ability to absorb light in a room

2. Sunny yellow

Yellow color has ability to pair well with a white light, It is color which can recreate feel of natural light when you don’t have much natural light, however Yellow color suits well for bedrooms.

3. Soft gray

Soft gray is good  choice for dark spaces or dark bedrooms, you will be amazed at how it can brighten your space. But it all depends upon shade you choose, always choose lighter shade for wall if you want bright ascent for your bedroom.

4. Powder Blue

Blue color have ability to light darkest corners of your bedroom, It will brighten your room even with simple white LED light. Powder Blue color will make you feel like floating on clouds in clear sky.

5. Ochre

This color works good in case of dim room, generally it is more like traditional color. Ochre color will shine in white recessed and ceiling lights.

6. Pink

Pink is light color which instantly lightens any dark space or a room, Lighter shads of pink color are made to absorb any color in your room. Pink color is very much suitable for small bedrooms. 

what colour of helps you to get good and comfortable sleep

Getting good sleep in night is totally depends on factors like right and comfortable bed size, Comfortable and light weight bed sheet material and color combination of room and light. Colors like gray, blue, green or purple have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and will help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, although blue is the best bedroom color to get comfortable and good sleep. 

Whereas, Red and brown are considered as worst colors for comfortable sleep.  Brown is gloomy, cozy but it can make you restless instead of calm and Red is a passionate, energetic color that can increase your blood pressure. So, considering these reasons those colors are considered as bad for sleep.


Frequently asked question and answers about bedroom lighting / Bedroom lighting guide

Are LED lights good for bedroom?

Yes, LED lights are good for bedrooms, however its better to avoid bright lights in room as most of atmosphere in bedroom is relaxed, calm and peaceful. Although soft white LED lights are good for leaving rooms, bedrooms  as they gives you cozy and warm feeling.

How many watts should a bedroom light be?

To know how much watts light  you need for your bedroom, you have to use one simple formula.  If you have an room of X feet Long x Y feet wide then just multiply it with  1.5 , that’s how much wattage you required for your room. In other words for room having size of  5′ x 5′ you need lights of 37 to 38 watts. According required watts you can select different types of lights for your bedroom. 

How do I choose a light for my bedroom?

Selection of right light for bedroom is depends upon some factors that you need to consider. If you are leaving in small bedroom then, rope lights, pendant lights, Fairy lights and portable lights are the good option. Similarly, for large bed rooms lights such as recessed lighting, ceiling fan lights and standing lamps are there. Above all we have covered all types of lights and selections factors in our bedroom lighting guide please go through that.

Fairy lights are good for bedroom decoration ?

Yes, when you want to decorate small bedrooms then fairy lights are good choice. These types of lights can lighten every corners of your bedroom. Fairy lights are made to look small objects more attractive, in addition we can give extra shine to book shelves plus we can make mirror look and feel better by adding some twinkling fairy lights. 

In conclusion by using small bedroom lighting ideas  and our bedroom lighting guide, you can make big changes in your bedroom.

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